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Capacity building / Training Course

Oslo Analytica offers bespoke courses for private and public sector. Three courses are currently available, for practitioners as basic training or part of continuing education programme (with or without credit points):

1) Programme and Project Management (PPM): The purpose of this practical, ‘hands on’ course is to ensure that project managers, project staff and local leaders feel confident, competent and skilled in designing and delivering all aspects of projects and programmes.

2) Conflict Management in Practice (CM): This practical, skills-based course inter alia explores and evaluates the nature of conflicts facing course participants, international development practitioners and managers, generally. The course will enable participants to design approaches to conflict management at an achievable scale, and help them determine their role, responsibilities and resources as an insider or outsider in different conflict situations.

3) Building Successful Partnerships (BSP): This is a bespoke, practical skills-based course that provides participants with tools to make the most out of inter-disciplinary / cross-cultural partnerships. The course is grounded on applying a Participatory Appraisal (PA) approach to building fruitful partnerships among organisations, local communities or agencies.

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