Oslo Analytica is in a start-up phase and is currently expanding its project portfolio. Some projects undertaken by Oslo Analytica, thus far, include:


Zanzibar political assessment
Client: Norwegian Embassy, Dar es Salaam

The Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania commissioned Oslo Analytica to make an updated assessment of the political dynamics in Zanzibar, seen in light of the 2015/16 electoral process and the suspension of the Government of National Unity on the Islands. Based on a short fieldwork and interviews with key political leaders from government, opposition, and other stakeholders, a report was submitted to the embassy, in addition to a debriefing seminar in Dar es Salaam.


Commenting on evaluation of Norfund’s human rights awareness
Client: Norfund

Norad commissioned KPMG to evaluate whether Norwegian official development aid involving business promote, protect and respect human rights.

Norfund was one of six public agencies which were scrutinised. Norfund asked Oslo Analytica to undertake a ‘second opinion’ review of KPMG’s draft evaluation report pertaining to the sections and comments relating to Norfund’s projects and actions. Oslo Analytica’s review of KPMG’s draft report was subsequently submitted to Norad/KPMG as part of Norfund’s official response to the draft report.


Evaluation of NPA’s Approach in Humanitarian Assistance
Client: Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)

Oslo Analytica carried out a comprehensive evaluation of Norwegian People’s Aid’s approach to humanitarian assistance. The evaluation team was headed by Dr Scott Jones, with assistance by Anna Nigicser, and with Kjetil Tronvoll as quality assurer. Over a dozen program evaluation reports from humanitarian programming in selected countries (Iraq, Syria, Palestine) were scrutinized, comparative literature consulted, and key interview’s with NPA staff in Oslo as well as in partner organisations were conducted.

A 42 page evaluation report, including comprehensive policy recommendations, was submitted to NPA to underpin their internal strategy review of humanitarian assistance.


Ethiopian Governance Dialogue
Client: UNDP, Ethiopia

The political reforms carried out in Ethiopia in early 2018, including the change of prime minister, necessitated a rethinking and reframing of UN and UNDPS’s development programmes and governance dialogue in the country. Kjetil Tronvoll participated as an external expert in a UNDP governance retreat and advised UNDP on strategies of realignment of the UNDP governance support programme to Ethiopia.



Ethiopia 101 diplomatic training course
Client: USAID/US State Department

The diplomatic training course gave a basic introduction into Ethiopian politics, history and society to equip and enable new US diplomats, stationed in the country, to carry out their assignments in the best possible manner. OA put together a small team of the world’s leading experts on Ethiopia, headed by Prof. Kjetil Tronvoll, including Prof. Fantu Cheru, Dr Dereje Feyissa, Dr Lovise Aalen and Dr Gideon Timothewios.

Lectures included topics such as: understanding Ethiopian democratic developments; economic development and developmental state ideology; religion, society and politics; and public space and human rights context; in addition to a session of cultural and political awareness. The objective as expressed by the client was: “This three-day course will provide USG personnel with excellent foundational knowledge in beginning or continuing their tours at Post”.


Study on political climate in Zanzibar
Client: European Union Delegation to Tanzania

Oslo Analytica was commissioned by the EU delegation to Tanzania to undertake a study and develop recommendations on the political impasse in Zanzibar. The overall objective of the project was “to provide advice to the EU on the tailoring of assistance and policy dialogue in order to contribute towards reconciliation, political stability and democratic governance in Zanzibar.”

Preparatory work was done towards the end of 2017, and fieldwork, report writing and debriefing of the EU delegation and Head of Missions were undertaken in early 2018.


Capacity-building on Eritrean culture and history
Client: Osterøy Kommune

Due to the large number of Eritrean refugees being resettled in Osterøy Kommune, the local administration sought to increase their knowledge and competence on Eritrean culture, history and politics in order to equip and enable their personnel to handle the integration of the refugees in the best possible manner. Kjetil Tronvoll, therefore, conducted a one-day workshop on Eritrean history, culture and politics for approximately 55 municipality and county representatives.

Later, Osterøy Kommune called on Oslo Analytica to follow-up on a special case of integration challenges in relation to the Eritrean community.


Ethiopia: Risk assessment and political analysis
Client: Yara International

The rapidly changing political context in Ethiopia, unrest and the introduction of a State of Emergency, obliged Yara International to commission a risk assessment and political analysis study of the situation in the country. Yara International is involved as majority owner of Dallol Potash Mine in the Afar region of Ethiopia; a project which is still in its exploration phase. A mining agreement was signed between Yara International and Ethiopian authorities as of November 2017, making the future development of the Dallol Mine a possibility.

A 23 page risk assessment report was submitted to Yara International at the end of 2017.


Political power analysis seminar
Client: Norad

In relation to internal capacity-building, Norad invited Kjetil Tronvoll to offer a seminar on understanding power politics in the context of developing countries for its ‘Section on human rights, governance and fragility’.