GenderOslo Analytica has extensive expertise in gender issues and women’s rights; equal participation; women, peace and security; and economic empowerment. The team uses mixed methods and multidisciplinary approaches to gender-related issues.

We can deliver gender mainstreaming, research, policy advice, consultancy services, evaluations, and recommendations for implementation on gender issues.

Women’s political participation and influence

Oslo Analytica provides studies and research on women’s participation, particularly during conflict and post-conflict situations, in reconciliation processes and elections. A focus area is on how conflict and instability affect not only women’s everyday lives, but also their inclusion in decision-making and political processes.

Women’s economic empowerment

Assessments, training methodology and evaluations of efforts in strengthening women’s economic empowerment, both as independent assignments, and through reviews of gender mainstreaming efforts in policies, studies and research.

Women, peace and security, the implementation of SR1325, and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

Oslo Analytica has an interest in generating further international efforts towards the implementation of SR 1325 and subsequent resolutions.

Gender based violence (GBV)

GBV is a core area of interest and research for Oslo Analytica. Through fieldwork, interviews and analysis, we have capacity to uncover the realities, analyse the legal frameworks, and provide legal, policy and local development-related advice on how best to address and effectively mitigate the problem.

Women’s rights

Oslo Analytica provides research and consultancies on women’s rights issues, with immediate relevance to the situation on the ground. Our work focuses on states’ efforts to promote equality and non-discrimination, offer protection and fulfil their obligations towards the international human rights system.