Politics, conflicts and reconciliationOslo Analytica has worked extensively on analyzing political development and democratization, origins of conflicts and wars, as well as the link between interventions aimed at restoring peace and stability and the longer term investments in building institutions to manage existing tensions. The team combines academic and operational expertise on negotiating peace and reconciliation agreements, and developing inclusive political settlements.

Oslo Analytica has experience from a range of political analytical interventions and peace and conflict issues, including:

Political Analysis

The Oslo Analytica team has broad expertise in dealing with the analysis of political participation, systems and institutions in different countries and regions. This includes analysis of issues related to marginalization, conflict, elections and democratization studies, and institutionalization of checks-and-balance. In addition, Oslo Analytica senior affiliates have broad experience with administering, observing, and analysing elections and support programmes to elections in a number of countries.

Conflict Mapping, Tracking and Analysis

The Oslo Analytica team includes senior experts in peace and conflict studies with extensive experience researching and applying theoretical frameworks to the practical challenges in fragile and conflict-affected states. This includes work on conflict early warning mechanisms in the Horn of Africa and East Africa and the provision of policy advice on conflict mitigation and resolution.

Access to Justice

Oslo Analytica specialist skills within the justice sector are based on experience working with transitional justice and human rights protection in fragile states. In depth studies of transitional justice arrangements in the Horn of Africa, against the backdrop of gross human rights violations, have been undertaken, in order to offer policy advice on transitional arrangements. Operational experience includes providing strategic advice for justice sector reform in various African countries.

Peace and Reconciliation Processes

The Oslo Analytica team has experience providing technical support to peace and reconciliation processes, mediation and peace agreements. This includes advising on protracted domestic political conflicts in African countries, as well as peace processes aimed to settle bilateral wars. For instance, senior staff provided targeted advice on the implementation of the political reconciliation agreement in Zanzibar, ending a long-term conflict between two rivaling parties.